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Why do we Recycle?

If you have reached here, while trying to find motivations to start recycling, then you are in the right place.

Since the begging of time humans impact on nature has been accumulating and effecting our surroundings, mainly negatively. The bad news is that Humans are about to destroy the environment due to the excessive use of non renewable resources while industries have become more and more greedy and flood the markets with new products which carry more plastics and significantly increase our carbon footprint.

Currently, we have five plastic islands floating in the Oceans, they are called Garbage Patches, the impact of these Garbage patches has enormous impact on marine life and micro plastics have entered the human’s food chain, We all know about the micro plastics in the worlds oceans but they have also entered the root systems of plants injecting the micro plastic into humans blood through the digestive system, which lead to higher ratios of Cancer disease and infertility in humans. To date there have been no studies to show how much plastic we are truly ingesting as it was previously thought that mainly seafood was effected. New research has shown plastics never degrades it just keeps getting smaller and Nano-plastics have been found in fruits and vegetables as well as earthworms threatening the very basis of land life as well.

Recycling is primarily done to conserve resources and divert them from landfills or the natural environment where it can cause harm to ground water or wildlife.

Why we recycle:

  • Value existing resources
  • Creating a circular economy
  • Saving natural environments from degradations due to plastic pollution
  • Plastic pollution in landfills poisons ground water
  • In Jordan much of the plastic pollution is flying with the wind from landfills and ends in stomachs of wildlife and stock animals with many camels, goats, sheep and donkeys die from plastic ingestion
  • Improve human health and the health of the environment

In order to start recycling take a look at these products which will help you sort your waste and adapt eco friendly practices:

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