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خدمات جمع و تدوير الاوراق

Green Spot Map Concept


Our initiative to get more people to recycle their waste paper in Amman!

What is a Green Spot?
A Green Spot is an ecological concept which describe a place where people care for the environment and taking positive actions towards it by practicing the recycling of their own solid waste as a daily habit,
Those marks shown on the map are our clients whom cooperating with us in recycling waste paper, they sort their own waste and store the waste paper for us, and once their recycling bins are full we visit them to collect the paper and send it to paper recycling factory.

What you will benefit from recycling your waste paper?

As soon as you decide to recycle waste paper and after contacting green spot and registering in the contact us form we will add your location in the grey map that will show and encourage others to start recycling just like you, and it will give you free marketing through our website and community.

Additionally you will be a positive change towards the environment, since you are saving trees by recycling your waste paper, and you are helping in reducing our carbon footprint!

We care for our environment and we do something for change…start positive change yourself and join our green spot community today!

Follow those easy steps to start recycling waste paper:

1- Send us your information in the contact us form

2-Start sorting your waste paper and cardboard from your solid waste and store temporary in any suitable bin, container or even a cartoon, until we provide you with a suitable bin

3- Call us to come and collect your waste paper once your bin is full.

Did you like our initiative?! there’s an opportunity to sponsor us and be an important part of this green effort!
call us if you want to discuss a sponsorship