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Green Spot Recycling

If you found this article, it’s probably because you were searching for how to be eco-friendly while living in Jordan. It’s true, there is an issue with lack of recycling facilities in Amman, but there are companies like Green Spot that are trying to help with making Jordan a greener place to live by providing recycling facilities to business across the country.

Green Spot started as an idea to promote ecological behaviors in Amman, they created an initiative called Green Spots Maps, by launching an online map that would highlight eco friendly businesses. During their operations they identified the need of other local businesses for recycling bins and professional collection services, giving rise to Green Spot Smart Recycling. From there on they would specialize in producing high quality recycling bins intended for professional use, and providing awareness education sessions and collection services.


Green Spot Recycling, believes in sustainable practices and empowering others to up hold the same philosophy. They started the business from scratch with self financing, driven by personal desire to impact change for the betterment of the environment and the next generation. Green Spot endeavors to create a successful business model without the aid of grants or external funds, providing for the severe deficit of this kind of service in Jordan.

They are proud to say that the idea has more than sustained itself as a business and has thrived through the latest health and
financial crises. At present, they are at a stage to be able to help and support other individuals and businesses that produce eco friendly products.


Recycling bins headed to Amman International Airport

In the first two years of the company Green Spot developed its own knowledge base and identified gaps in the market, becoming the provider of eco-solutions. Servicing; NGOs, Banks, International Schools in Amman, International companies in Jordan, Various Embassies, Hollywood in Wadi Rum, celebrity clean up campaigns and Amman Airport amongst many others.
Their proudest highlight has been supplying the Amman International Airport with paper recycling bins which will service every gate at the each terminal.

Current projects

To celebrate the successful completion of their second year in operation they launched an online eco shop that will promote the sale of locally made eco products or ideas. Dedicated as a hub, to help startup businesses’ and home based manufactures that carry ecological awareness in their products and share our eco friendly philosophy. We also started to diversify our own product range which includes various styles of produce and shopping bags.

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Future goals:

Our future plans are to take our products, and continue to develop a brand name and extend our market internationally.