Graduated with a bachelor's in Art Education and with a Master’s degree 2018 at SACI College of Art & Design in Florence, my passion is about transforming trash into art as means to challenge our consumer’s behavior and their environmental consequences.
Since I moved to  Jordan in 2019 I have continued to create installations and drawings using trash materials collected in Amman. Despite its unique beauty, walking Amman streets can be a journey strewn with all kinds of waste. During the first explorations of the city, my eyes could not turn away from the abundant number of shiny plastic bags, glass bottles, soda cans, candy bar wrappers, styrofoam, etc.

Collecting plastic bags and other plastic scraps around my house in Jabal Amman, I started the same year a series of sellable framed drawings made of plastic focusing on different thematics (wildlife, sealife land pollution, Corona crisis, Arabic culture..). All of them having for key denominator plastic and its devastating impact on natural environments.

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